sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2009


I try to step outside without ever been inside, try to reach what can never be caught. I try... tried to be someone I'm not, drawning in the flood of unmade questions. Believed in dreams that weren't mine, loosing myself in my own loss. I'm here looking behind to those times that will not go back. where did I go wrong have I ever been right?
I used to be caught in the midle of the storm but still, I could rise up from the flood, I used to carry the world on my shoulders but still, I could stand, I used to be stronger, my tears used to mean so much more... now, though they mean I'm not dead, they don't mean I'm alive either..
I used... to walk the road to the end, falling in holes, I used to fight, to lose, to win, to earn what I conquered.
Now I conquer nothing, I fear nothing... I'm not brave anymore!

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