sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009


Walls closing in... The darkness I thought faded away is moving back in my heart. Lost in a desert of pain and sorrow, trying to stand still! Drowning my self in my own dark tears, feeling the shadow so close! So cold! So much darker than the night! Running around scared, not knowing the road to fallow... fell down on my knees, but I can't pray! Words become meaningless, the sounds of the voices in my head, shout out laud! Lost in a sea of misery, trying to keep my soul from running away again. Dreams vanishing in front of my eyes, broken promises hurt so much! Trying... keeping on trying... 'till I can't be hurt no more!

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the one disse...

So this is
the exemplar deathstyle
you told me about
you want my seed in
is this the treason
I bare the fame from
my fatal freedom
the omniswansong

leave the shadows,
move to the light,
you will feel free,
you will be loved