sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

Still fighting... always fighting!

You came into my life like a shadow, not asking for anything... everything started with a friendship, none os us knew what was about to come, we couldn't know... how could we gess? The months started to go by and everything rushed into us like a sudden storm... there wasn't right or worng... it was just us... the rest of the world didn't exist... we started to fight like true worriors... and we still didn't have a clue of what was yet to come... we strugled so much throughout these months, it looks like a life time! First I fought for you... months later I almost gave up of you... you weren't fighting... you were just waitting... but then you fought for me like a lion... I sow you fighting like no one has ever fought for me... Now... we're going through hell... I have had the best moments of my life with you... but there cannot be one without the other, and I also had the worst moments of my life with you... I'm sorry, I'm trully sorry I got us into this... I'll get us out... you will believe me, somehow, someday you will... until then, we'll keep fighting side by side... the one thing I've learn with you is that giving up is not an option... we can't, we aren't able to... I can't let go, and you said to me that neither do you! We love each other more than we could ever imagine... we love each other too much to have that option... we have no choice... but to fight, together, aginst the rest of the world.

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