sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009

For you

Close my eyes and I fall a sleep in silence... lose myself in your eyes... you're in every word, you hount my dreams, live in my thoughts, you're always there, minute after minute... I see you and recognize you in the doom... close my eyes and fall a sleep with the anguish of distance, and tomorow will be alike... feel's like a spear is stuck in my unfrozen heart... I wish I could touch you, see you, be close to you... close enaugh to tell you in a whisper : " I love you!"

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The one disse...

If you know how much I love you, I can walktrough every one who dont know nothing, and tell them what do I fell about you, i want to scream to the wind to every one know that you are everything that I rally wanted

I Love you